Volume 30

Issue 1

Democratizing Treaty Fishing Rights: Denying Fossil-Fuel Exports in the Pacific Northwest
Michael C. Blumm & Jeffrey B. Litwak

Priority Disputes Between Holders of Old Order Mineral Rights and Holders of Prospecting Rights or Mining Rights Under the MPRDA in South Africa: Aquila Has Not Landed
Pieter J. Badenhorst

International Energy Investments and Unrecognized States: Opportunities and Risks for Private Actors
Marianthi Pappa & Eduardo Guedes Pereira

Notes & Comments

The Conflicting Mandate: Agency Paralysis Through the Congressional Review Act’s Resubmit Provision
Eric Dude

The Arkema Chemical Facility Incident: How the Regulation of Reactive Chemicals and the Incorporation of Climate Change Risks in Emergency Response Planning Could Mitigate and Prevent Future Accidental Chemical Releases
Lauren Mulhern

Hydraulic Fracturing, Radioactive Waste, and Inconsistent Regulation
Hella B. Zelleke

Issue 2

Giving BioJet Wings: Policy Instruments for a Carbon Neutral Aviation Sector
Harri Kalimo, Ólöf Söebech, Eleanor Reyes Mateo, & Filip Sedefov

Still Melting: How Climate Change and Subsistence Laws Constrain Alaska Native Village Adaptation
E. Barrett Ristroph

Speech: Cost-Nothing Analysis: Environmental Economics in the Age of Trump
Lisa Heinzerling

Notes & Comments

An Alternative to the Absolute Bar Effect of Statutes of Repose
Omeed Azmoudeh

Fluid Standing: Incorporating the Indigenous Rights of Nature Concept into Collaborative Management of the Colorado River Ecosystem
Meredith N. Healy

In Atmosphere We Trust: Atmospheric Trust Litigation and the Environmental Advocate’s Toolkit
Jenna Lewis