Volume 24

Issue 1

Hard, Soft & Uncertain: The Guarani Aquifer and the Challenges of Transboundary Groundwater
David N. Cassuto and  Romulo S.R. Sampaio

Oil, Contact, and Conservation in the Amazon: Indigenous Huaorani, Chevron, and Yasuni
Judith Kimerling

Governing the Post-Socialist Transitional Commons: A Case from Rural China
Shitong Qiao

Notes & Comments

The Waikato-Tainui Settlement Act: A New High-Water Mark for Natural Resources Co-management
Jeremy Baker

Bracing for the Impending Rocket Revolution: How to Regulate International Environmental Harm Caused by Commercial Space Flight
Jennifer Friedberg

Keystone XL: Reviewability of Transboundary Permits in the United States
Kathy Parker[1]*

Issue 2

Settler Colonialism and Reclamation: Where American Indian Law and Natural Resources Law Meet
Sarah Krakoff

Clean Cookstoves for a Billion Cooks: Designing Diverse Laws to Solve a Worldwide Problem
Cynthia M. Barr

Drafting Model Laws on Indoor Pollution for Developing and Developed Nations Workshop
Lakshman Guruswamy[1]*

Development and Dissemination of Clean Cookstoves: A Model Law for Developed Countries
Scott Miller

Speech: Energy Policy from a Federal Legislative Perspective
Senator Jeff Bingaman

Notes & Comments

Freezing to Heat the Future: Streamlining the Planning and Monitoring of Arctic Hydrocarbon Development
Kristen Rice

Monuments, Mountains, and . . . the Mediterranean Diet? Potential for UNESCO’s World Culinary Heritage Inscriptions to Positively Affect Sustainable Agriculture
Morgan Figuers

Carpe Lacum: Asian Carp and the Great Lakes
Justin Bonebrake

Flames Away: Why Corporate Social Responsibility Is Necessary to Stop Excess Natural Gas Flaring in Nigeria
Ashley Palomaki