Volume 32

Issue 1

The Subdelegation Doctrine as a Legal Tool for Establishing Tribal Comanagement of Public Lands: Through the Lens of Bears Ears National Monument
Daniel Franz

The Little Colorado River Project: Is New Hydropower Development the Key to a Renewable Energy Future, or the Vestige of a Failed Past?
Liam Patton

What’s Mine is Yours: An Analysis of the Federal Laws Used to Compensate the Navajo Nation and Remediate Abandoned Uranium Mines and Mills on the Reservation
Cody Phillips

Notes & Comments

Green Infrastructure: Strengthening Federal Policy for Flood Mitigation, Ecosystems, and Community Well-Being
McKenzie Brandon

Let My People Go Fishing: Public Stream Access and Navigability on Colorado’s Rivers
Pete Jaacks

Political Accountability and Judicial Review in the Context of Climate Change Regulation
Leah Vasarhelyi

Issue 2

Priority Disputes Between Holders of Old Order Mineral Rights and Holders of Prospecting Rights or Mining Rights Under the MPRDA in South Africa: Aquila has Landed (Continued)
Pieter J. Badenhorst

Reducing Emissions Through Renewable Energy: EU and U.S. Energy Policy Frameworks in the Age of Natural Gas
Peter Mather

The BLM’s Duty to Incorporate Climate Science into Permitting Practices and a Proposal for Implementing a Net-Zero Requirement into Oil and Gas Permitting
Jamie Gibbs Pleune, John C. Ruple, & Nada Wolff Culver

Notes & Comments

Citizen Suits for Mobile Sources: Enforcement Against Incidents of Emissions Cheating
Paige Lambert

Reimagining What is Necessary: Using Active Management in Wilderness Areas to Mitigate High-Loss Wildfires
Liam Patton

Monuments in Name Only: The Delay Between Designation and Protection of National Monuments
Cody Phillips