Volume 27

Issue 1

Clear & Convincing: The Proper Evidentiary Standard for R.S. 2477 Claims
Blake Busse

Speech: Challenges and Opportunities of the Expiring Columbia River Treaty
Barbara Cosens

Notes & Comments

Coal Barons and Ski Bums: An Unlikely Alliance? Exploring Potential Solutions to Waste Mine Methane
Baker Arena

National Conservation Area Designation: When You Need a Shovel, Not a Backhoe
Megan Gutwein

NEPA and the Northern Integrated Supply Project: Wielding the ‘Paper Tiger’ in the Tenth Circuit
Raymond Laws

Issue 2

Congress Resurrects a Native Harvest and Creates Potential for Conflict in Migratory Bird Management
Julie Lurman Joly and Christopher Behnke

Federal Power Act Limitations on FERC Dam Decommissioning Authority: Shielding Preexisting Licensees and Revisiting Trust Funds to Protect the Public Interest
Carlos M. Marquez, II

All We Really Need to Know We Learned in Kindergarten: Share Everything (Agricultural Water Sharing to Meet Increasing Municipal Water Demands)
Peter D. Nichols, Leah K. Martinsson, and Megan Gutwein

Speech: Limiting Building Height: The Story of a Citizens Initiative to Preserve Mountain Vistas and a City’s Future
Ruth M. Wright and Charles Wilkinson

Notes & Comments

Environmental Jurisdiction in Indian Country: Why the EPA Should Change its Definition of Indian Agency Jurisdiction under the Safe Drinking Water Act
Chloe Bourne

Tribes, Treaties, and the Trust Responsibility: A Call for Co-Management of Huckleberries in the Northwest
Lauren Goschke

When the Fast Track Hits the Off Ramp: Renewable Energy Permitting and Legal Resistance on Western Public Lands
Nathaniel Logar